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Tub Liner Removal

Why remove a perfectly good tub liner? Well, every millimeter matters in a tub with roller cover. Removing the liner added 90mm in length, 20-30mm … Read more

Dmax Gas Bonnet Strut

First Mod – Gas Bonnet Struts

A very simple modification, but one that lets me work under the bonnet without fighting around the original bonnet stand. I like working easily, and … Read more

Found a Friend – X5 + Dmax

My lovely wifes car found its friend. Finally! Took about five months all said and done, but its here. Our DMAX X-Terrain. Let the games … Read more

MY21 Dmax X-Terrain Build

From where I started my research and initial thinking, to where I’m at today with time to think about what I thought I wanted vs. … Read more