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Alternators Are Not Battery Chargers

I participate in 4wd forums with recurring discussions from people believing they need to bypass their smart alternator to have a constant charge alternator so … Read more

Just Missing The Dmax

Our second car space is feeling empty. My lovely wife brought me an awesome Easter present, as I don’t do Easter eggs – new number … Read more

Rhino-Rack Unsuitable For Off-Road Use

There is growing concern about Rhino-Rack platforms being unsuitable for load carrying. Besides the misinformation posted around the web on this subject at present, there … Read more

2021 Dmax X-Terrain

Sold – Xterrain dmax

Exactly the above picture, a plain white Dmax Xterrain on order from Isuzu Werribee, expected delivery August – September due to the backlog from all … Read more

Our Ultimate 4WD Tourer

Something I’ve researched for some months (me, hubby, as my wife is usually working) – a cost effective, capable 4WD that is reliable, comfortable and … Read more