SafeBrake EBAY Brake Lines – Fraudulent

I recently purchased a set of braided brake lines from an eBay listed seller called SafeBrake. Their reviews seem ok, yet my experience was far from it.

My Dmax is a 2021 build, 4JJ3 4×4 ute. The compatibility list on their produce page contained my vehicle (4th line down):

Rear brake lines fit, the front ones are not the same. When I contacted the seller about this, sending images of the issue, their response was:

IMHO, they’re immediately defensive. I responded further and they immediately dismissed further:

DO NOT buy from this seller. As you can see from the initial image from the item page for compatible vehicles, specifically they say the lines fit the 2020/2021 new 4JJ3 Gen 3 Dmax. Gen 3 was released in 2020.

I have reported this fraudulent seller to eBay for action, but I thought it better to also post about them so that Google lists this when someone searches for information on this seller. I am now forced to buy from a reputable local source instead, as eBay sellers just can’t be trusted. I don’t normally buy from eBay sellers, but I thought I would give them a try based on their reviews. Honestly, I think reviews are tainted.

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  1. Update. I’m not crazy. ANZ bank did their own research, and concluded the same as myself – misleading information to sell the product. What’s worse, myself nor ANZ could find any mailing address for the company. Legit in some aspects, but not legit in others.

    Got my money back via ANZ.

    There was another long response from them, followed by one from me, but its just the same swings and roundabouts, them saying they did nothing wrong and they won’t process a full refund, and me pointing out the misleading information about vehicle compatibility.


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