Superior Engineering Remote Res Shocks are Amazing

I honestly can’t believe how good the ride is now I’ve installed the Superior Engineering remote res 2.0 full 2″ suspension lift to my 2021 Dmax. At $3,500, its a pretty decent bargain IMHO.

I replaced the stock suspension with Superior, which uses EFS rear leaf 350kg pack, front struts set to 120kg load for bullbar and winch, riding on the very sweet adjustable remote reservoir 2.0 shocks. OMG, the ride is amazing.

You would think that putting that level of springs into the Dmax would make the ride harsh, but with those specific shocks, its like floating over bumps in the road. I have mine currently set on 4 and the ride is amazing. I will adjust them to play around with harder settings, to see what suits under what conditions, but as it stands now, modified but unladen, 4 is a good setting for general road use.

You can do this entire install in a single full day, by yourself. I used jack stands and my jack at each wheel when needing to hold suspension or shift suspension into place. The easiest method to install front struts is to drop the sway bar out. Struts are easily replace without the sway bar link in place, regardless whether swapping the UCA or not. The UCA still needs to be unbolted from the steering knuckle and released upwards, but that is one nut.

The Munji LCA reinforcement kit I installed, its pretty easy and all, but I had to cut 10mm off two pieces and had to cut a small notch in another two pieces for them to fit correctly. Each piece is labelled to right or left, front or rear of the control arm. I figured as I had to get a wheel alignment from lifting it, I might as well do the LCA reinforcement at the same time. I had actually bent one of the tabs pretty bad already from off-roading, so super glad to have that kit installed now.

My install consists of:

Rides like a dream now. Wife is super impressed in the difference for her driving it.

Massive difference between the stock and upgraded front struts.

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