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Recommendations are not something I often give, but AUS4WD in Kilsyth have gone above and beyond to help me with a lost order within the f**k fight that is Australia Post. How a delivery company loses an item in 2022 is just beyond me with all the tracking and oversight.

Six weeks ago I ordered an ARB air tank and ARB pressure control system from AUS4WD. They sent it express post within a day or two receiving the order. A week later I contacted Aus Post as to where the package is, being it only had to travel 30km’s to me. Express!

Lodged a dispute. Crickets! Called Aus Post. Response, “sorry, you’ll have to wait 14 days for us to investigate.” Two weeks later, more excuses, more time to investigate. What a crock of nonsense. I asked my local PO lady for help, as we have a PO Box and know them well. She printed it out and gave it to a worker who was at that facility to look for it. Nothing!

According to Aus Post, it was at that facility. According to a PO worker, no it was not. I went to AUS4WD to see what they could do from their end. They pushed too. Crickets from Aus Post!

Whilst it is the suppliers responsibility to replace the item or refund it when this happens, it doesn’t fix the problem, nor do the supplier get reimbursed by the delivery company. AUS4WD went above and beyond and then replaced the items. I drove out and picked up the replacement to ensure no more delays.

Chatting with them, this is distressing for them as it is for me. You buy something because you want it.

I read enough reviews from people who are on the wrong end of things at times, all they do is complain and give crap reviews to the company sending the goods. Some may deserve it. Lets be honest, most people don’t take the time to say good things when they buy something, but they’re red hot the moment something goes wrong with a one star review.

It took six weeks, but AUS4WD went above and beyond to help me sort it out, then replace the items after Aus Post officially called the item lost.

I purchased from them because they had good prices. They also have a great business attitude towards the customer when things go wrong. So use them. You know your purchase is in good hands.

If the item ever does arrive to me, I will drive it out to them, being its their goods. Really great small business.

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  1. HI,
    I am using your simple wiring for the compressor info and wondered how/where the pressure kit fits into that set up from a wiring perspective?



    • Hey Joe, you add the pressure kit positive into the switch wire output, as the pressure kit is very low current and the existing compressor switch wiring is more than capable of handling both systems. I think I have a 3A fuse on the switch wire, which runs both systems. When the compressor is on/off, the pressure control unit is on/off respectively.

      Simply, the purple wire on the switch output is also connected to the pressure control. Make the connection on the switch side of the diode, not the motor side of the diode.


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