Boola / Tyers Easy Track – 13.5km

After a painful turnaround on an excellent track that turned very difficult, I found a really lovely easy 2WD / 4WD track on the opposite road side that goes from Boola Camp around close to Tyers service station. Its a mix of track and dirt road, but a really lovely drive and easy 4WD experience for beginners.

Starting at Boola Camp this continues to Clarkes Road. I did this after a day of rain with no issues what so ever using a stock Dmax and highway tyres. The road and tracks are packed hard, even with the muddy parts after rain, an easy drive experience.

There is a bridge at the river, providing there hasn’t been some massive down pour of rain, you will be ok to cross it without issue. There are some tight parts of this where you’ll be up close with nature. As long as you’re ok with small twigs and branches running down your car, its a really nice drive to cut your teeth in learning to 4wd.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this drive. There was nothing difficult, all the muddy parts had a solid base for highway tyres. A good track to get the car dirty without risk of damage.

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