Easy 4WD Track (Racecourse Creek Rd 4wD Narbethong To Monda Rd Toolangi)

This was my first venture from Narbethong near where we were staying, I decided to go out before the serious rain hit that day. I ended up in the rain by the time I hit the mountain top, fog rolled in across the top just for good measure, so this gives you a good idea that the track was already wet, then I continued onwards in the rain, stock 4WD with HT tyres.

There were no areas of issue that I could not drive this in 2H and 4H under these conditions.

Now I did venture down some other tracks in this little exploratory adventure, where I had to sharply about-turn and run with my tail between my legs due to how muddy they were, and I did need 4L and diff lock in those situations, which is how this highlighted route took shape to begin with. Me venturing blindly down roads and tracks to see whether HTs would go down them in the conditions.

Hot tip – don’t venture too far from this if you’re in a stock 4WD with HTs in the wet. Dry would be a different story, but the wet. I’m not saying there aren’t other tracks / roads you could take from this, I just hadn’t explored them on this particular morning. Eventually I will map that area.

No issues with ground clearance on this track for anything resembling a stock Dmax clearance.

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