Strathbogies is an Adventure Wonderland

We recently holidayed in the Strathbogie Ranges, North of Melbourne. I’d never spent much time around the area, most of which was the first time in many towns. I’ve driven past it all plenty of times. The Hume Highway between Melbourne and Albury. Driven that more time than I could accurately remember.

For off-roading, the area is very pleasing. What I couldn’t rely upon was the Newtracs app for track accuracy. Easy tracks were difficult. Medium tracks were easy and difficult. Difficult tracks were at times easy. Put a little rain on the area, which it had endured, and everything changed.

If you want some good mountain driving, give the Strathbogies a go. I had a blast driving the area for a couple of days.

There are many good places to stay. Lots of interesting towns to visit within the area.

I will return there in the coming years to drive more of the area, hopefully, some camping next time. We stayed in a lovely 5-star cabin in the area, log fire, fire pit, and beautiful sunrise and sunset across the ranges.

I passed some good camping locations on my adventures, so don’t think they aren’t out there. The State forest has a lot to offer there.

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