Easy 4WD Track (Pauls Rd Dixons Creek to Pauls Creek Track Toolangi)

I drove this track at approximately 70% dry. It had been drizzling the past two days, with some sunny moments. There were a couple of parts where low range was required for the steepness, but otherwise I drove in 2WD, 4WD and 4L with rear diff lock in parts to add stability.

The track is more like a decent road to begin, there are house entries along parts of it, so its not shocking. It then had a steep rocky part requiring low range that segregated both ends where property entries resided. HT’s started slipping on the rock in 4L, so diff lock was needed to push it over them.

Then I basically started the opposite side of Pauls Creek Track that the wife did the other week.

I have to say, I did this entire thing while the wife was getting a massage. I dropped her in Healesville for an 80 minute massage. I got out there and back to her, just as she was getting out. About 90 minutes round trip from Healesville. I will admit I did it a little faster than I would normally, having to rush it a bit for her.

There were some really good parts that I wished I had MT tyres for. I would have loved to do them, but there were tracks around anything nasty. There was a nice tree crossing that I had to do, which was a nice basic technical drive. Several trees were down, one you have to drive across whilst not slipping into the other cut trees that would certainly dent your car if you slid into them. Slow and steady in 4L over the tree with zero issues.

Everything else was nothing more than a nice drive that was more about being slow and steady than anything technical. A really pleasant track to cut your teeth on for learning and using all modes of your 4WD.

Now, I have some experience, so if you’re learning, have someone with experience in the vehicle to guide you. Do that, and I put this in the easy to medium category, depending on whether you have AT / MT tyres. I did it with HT’s, if I had AT or MT then I would have done the muddy bits and not driven around them.

3 thoughts on “Easy 4WD Track (Pauls Rd Dixons Creek to Pauls Creek Track Toolangi)”

  1. Thank you, I just picked up my first “proper” 4wd with clearance, rear locker, low range transfer case and full under body steel protection. I might give this a try as the first track I try it out on. Unless you can recommend any others near Healesville?

    • You are in the right place for tracks. There are an abundance of easy and medium 4wd tracks in your area. I would highly recommend getting Newtracs app. The free version will give you all the tracks, just no details beyond their rating. I have driven a bunch of them in that area, still with many more to drive. See screenshot I took of that area from Newtracs.


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