Finally Settled on Tub Rack Choice – Front Runner

There is a lot going on in the roof rack space nowadays, especially since the great Rhino Rack debacle. Rhino Rack offroad load ratings are useless for anything considered useful, especially for the cost. Why would anyone pay a thousand dollars for a roof rack they can’t connect an awning for offroad use?

Others rack manufacturers have started to highlight their respective load rating issues for offroad use, making them equally useless. Then enter Front Runner, the true roof rack manufacturer that actually makes rated connection points without degrading the racks weight capacity in offroad use.

I had mixed thoughts on all of this until I found Front Runner and that they happen to make a tub rack for the X-Terrain that’s rated to 300kg, regardless how you use it (dynamic, static or offroad).

Mountain Top sells one for the X-Terrain using their system plus a Rhino Rack, with additional load fixings that give an offroad capacity of 100kg at a cost of $1700. Front Runner deliver 300kg at $1200. Hmmm… which would you choose?

I know which I’m going with. Front Runner. Side note, they have some seriously cool addons that not even Rhino make available for their racks.

PS. I thought I would add Front Runners goofing around video just to show how good their fixings are for specific vehicles. Not that you would do this with a tub rack, but their roof rack fittings are beyond other manufacturers.

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