LED Upgrade – The Change You Need To Make

The X-Terrain comes standard with LED DRL / parker, low & high beam, fog, tail and stop lamps. The rest are incandescent lamps, which are just horrible compared to their LED counterparts. Just watch the video if you haven’t already.

In all honesty, I was on the fence about the indicators. That was a $100 experiment I was struggling to justify, yet I ordered them. Once installed, I felt justified when looking at the difference. I mean WOW difference. The front indicators are low on the Dmax, making them harder to see than something around the headlight area. The LED indicators really punch you in the face. There is no excuse for someone not to see your indicator from any distance once LED. They really light up the area around you when activated. I was always happy with the rear indicators, it was the front ones that caused the upgrade for me. They only come as a full set, otherwise you may have issues with hyper-flashing.

The reverse lights are just amazing. The stock reverse lights output bugger all light compared to LED. Its literally like changing from a 10W output to 100W output. They’re like mini flood lights now. I have no issue seeing anything behind me at night when reversing. This is a must upgrade. The rear number plate light was just a nice touch IMO, removing that dull yellow light to a bright white.

The interior lights make me happiest, and were the cheapest. When parked in our dark underground carpark, every time I opened the rear door to grab something from the back I had to take my Makita torch with me to see on the floor and pick through car parts I had in there. Changing out the dome and map lights from the dull, low output yellow to a super bright white light, I can now see everything inside the car without using a torch. The dual map lights in LED version are just amazing. I found I only needed the dome switched as the door light, as all three was blinding. So good for actual map reading now.

Between Superior Vision Australia and Stedi, you can obtain every light in LED for the MY21 Dmax. Just be aware that when I ordered the dome light from Stedi, they had the wrong type listed (T10 Wedge) where the dome is actually a 31mm festoon LED. If they still have the wrong one listed, contact them for the right one. I purchased the indicators and reverse lights from SVA – map, dome and number plate LEDs from Stedi.

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