Easy 4WD Track – (Loop Track, Pauls Creek Road / Track) Toolangi

An easy beginner track, when dry, that can be done in a stock 4wd (Difficult When Wet) for those wanting to learn 4wd’ing. My wife did this track in a stock Dmax with highway terrain tyres. Its a mix of high and low 4wd with a couple splashes of diff lock thrown in for good measure when stock. The entire track was a bit over 8km in length.

My wife drove the majority of this track learning to 4wd. I would estimate 97%. We entered at Pauls Lane State Forest entrance. From Pauls Lane entrance there is a decent climb up the top of the loop track. From there you have some good driving mixed with steep ascent and descent. We could go around all water features bar one, which the bypass to the side of the track was all torn up. I needed diff lock to get through it with highway tyres, and the water from the feature was wetting the bypass, so it was the only slippery part when everything else was dry. That piece was vehicle length.

All else could be driven with ease, hard bottom and water barely a few centimetres deep. Obviously check any water you drive through.

Its a solid area for learning and for stock 4wd use in the dry.

Please note, I do carry 4 x MaxTrax and a shovel with me in a stock setup, just in case. MaxTrax can get you out of most things, especially with highway terrain tyres.

It’s easy to read an app and think something is difficult, for example, if I look at Newtracs, it has that track marked as difficult. In the wet, absolutely. In the dry, its a learner track.

2 thoughts on “Easy 4WD Track – (Loop Track, Pauls Creek Road / Track) Toolangi”

  1. Very helpful!! I’m just starting out and every time I think I’ve found a beginner track, I discover that some hardcore bloke was just flexing his ego by saying something is “easy” when it needs a winch and muddies!! Thanks for the post.

    • Thanks Steve. I found the same. There are people who say something is easy, and it is, because they have a 4″ lift, 37″ muddies, winch, twin locked. I will upgrade mine to 33″ muddies a 2″ lift and winch, but that will take time. I find a stock vehicle can do really well on most tracks in the dry with just a rear diff lock.

      I’m exploring easier tracks right now so I can teach the missus without throwing her into anything too deep. I have gone down some tracks beyond the vehicles ability, but quickly realized that, turned and got out and then tried another track. Obviously the vehicle isn’t capable of anything too tough when stock, but I have found that tracks marked as medium or hard on Newtracs, the stock dmax can do many of them in the dry. Just not the wet. Providing they aren’t rutted out from massive tyres and egos.

      Honestly, I don’t plan on sending my car down anything too stupid, as I don’t want to damage it. Capable. Yes. Ego driven. No.


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