RhinoHide – Totally Worth It

When I purchased the Dmax I knew what would happen to the paint offroad. I asked my wife after bringing it home, “do you think I should invest first in a wrap / Rhinohide?” She said, “not a cost I think we need.” Words to that effect. Lockdowns ended and I started taking it offroad, completely stock.

As I’ve slowly progressed with modifications, I went offroad in January 2022 to give it a shakedown to ensure the latest round of additions would survive offroad. When she saw the car the next day, the above thought went out the door. “Get protection now,” she said.

By paint protection, I’m not talking about ceramic coating or such useless nonsense. That will not stop the brutality that off-road is going to throw at vehicle panels. Brush is one thing, branches are the real killer. Those dig deep, first go.

I had already enquired to Rhinohide prior to this, ignoring my wife’s comments, to begin with, as I knew she wouldn’t like what was coming. Funnily enough, the Yahtzee God aligned with my latest adventures damage and an email in my inbox asking if I was still interested, as they were about to develop the product for the new Dmax.

I ordered at the end of January I think, the deposit was February. Unfortunately due to China lockdowns, it took a year to arrive. Still worth it, other than I pretty much stopped off-roading. Got a little in at Christmas, but no significant panel damage.

With everything buffed out and the panels looking like new, I installed the Rhinohide. Best decision ever made to purchase it. Just holding the stuff, it’s tough. Sticks are not getting past it.

Eventually, I will Raptor coat above the Rhinohide, window surrounds, to stop them from getting damaged so easily, but for now, they can remain pinstriped. Mirrors will get changed to Clearview.

Why Rhinohide?

Lets start with the majority of magnetic options. Totally useless on modern vehicles with aluminium panels. Slickazz was the only serious contender, but they’re double to triple the price of Rhinohide, and still do not provide a physical tough barrier to the panel. Rhinohide is key locked onto a whole bunch of connectors that are stuck to your panels and left to set. If one ever comes loose, you can replace it easily. The panels have a gap between them and your vehicle panels, allowing compression to occur before damage to the vehicle itself. Slickazz does not stop this, and the panel will get dented.

Slickazz has its place, Rhinohide has its place in the market. Rhinohide was the right choice for what I use my vehicle for. I don’t mind venturing down an overgrown track.

Just my two cents on my experience to date.

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