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When I started researching for our future plans, after much thought and refinement towards what we really needed for our specific use purposes, we settled with the Patriot X3 as camper of choice. I’m really glad that camping and caravan shows are back, otherwise I may not have ever known there is a better choice – Ultimate Campers, Nexus.

My wife demands an internal seated area so she can work and preferred internal kitchen. That ruled out TVAN. I demanded compact, lightweight for off-road and a true off-road camper. Yes, there are lots who make box trailer campers, throw some AT’s on them and call them off-road, but they’re not. They have little ground clearance and box trailer suspension.

I thought that TVAN and Patriot where about the only ones in this market, alas, I was wrong. The first time I went to the caravan and camping show we were looking at off-road caravans, as that is where we started our research and thought that was what we needed. I didn’t give the camper area a glimpse. This time however, I didn’t enter a single caravan and instead focused on all the camper options each manufacturer had.

There are lots of options if you’re towing from caravan park to caravan park, or slightly off the road, but not really off-road, as such. For the off-road market, the ones where you’re doing river crossings, ruts, bogs and some serious epic cross country tracks in the VHC and such places, most of the options would fall apart and not last a trip or two. Those that would last, are just too bloated, large and heavy.

I seen the Ultimate Camper section at this years Melbourne caravan and camping, and instantly fell in love with it. Honestly, this camper ticked more of my wife’s and my own boxes than Patriot. Full internal kitchen and lounged seating area with considerable size table. Then there is the king size bed that folds over similar to the Patriot, except with automated folding option. It comes standard with 200ah lithium, not an upgrade like Patriot, let alone the Patriot tax they add to every option they sell. Trust me, I’ve looked at Patriots upgrade price list, and not only do you not get a discount for removing the item you’re replacing, they charge you more for it than you could buy RRP yourself.

It’s only 700mm longer than an X3, same height and width pretty much. The Nexus also has a full 360 degree awning, not just a 180. It is lighter than an X3. You can option the thing with air conditioning if you wanted. Just WOW. Aircon in a camper trailer. Not that I would, but its that you can. It has an attached shower / toilet screen, instead of having to use a separate one located away from the camper.

Ball weight is lighter, it comes with portable solar panel for connection. The things it has compared to Patriot X3 as standard, just boggled my mind. Many of these where little things that were stopping me from committing to the X3 just yet, and I’m glad I stuck to my uncertainty.

Ultimate will fully match your rims and tyres. Patriot say they will, but they won’t. They will match closely with offset and width as they can, but Ultimate will match exactly to what you want, just part of the build process. That is truly amazing you can have the exact same rims and tyres, size for size, offset included, so you have another spare that can be used anywhere on your setup.

You can have 400AH of lithium if you want, 2000 watt inverter. If you want the top spec Xscape, it comes with a 24V 5KW system to power the standard aircon inclusion. That is the primary difference between the Nexus and Xscape, the power system and aircon as standard. Nearly $20k difference though for that feature and capacity to run it, which may suit some, just not me.

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