Just Missing The Dmax

Our second car space is feeling empty. My lovely wife brought me an awesome Easter present, as I don’t do Easter eggs – new number plates for the Xterrain.

We’re old enough not to buy each other silly presents that get re-gifted or placed out of sight, out of mind. If we want something, we buy it ourselves, but we also send each other emails with things we want for future presents. Makes gifts a whole lot better. I often get some jewellery request email from my lovely wife – hint hint – nudge nudge – you are authorised to buy me this when you have time. Sheesh!

So I sent my wife a list of future adventure wants, and this was on it. May as well start simple.

She asked me whether I wanted personalised plates as above, and not something more personal, and I confirmed I did. But why? Because even though the Dmax is my vehicle, Wife And I 4WD (WAI4WD) is an inclusive way to get my wife out with me travelling Australia. It’s our adventure, not my adventure. Her plates are about her being a Grandmother (Nina). Me… I want us to adventure Australia.

She has her X5 which is what she likes. Now we just need its Dmax companion so they can be together each night in our carpark. Trust me when I say, when the two cars are side by side, the fancy and the simple, its a direct reflection of our relationship. She does the fancy, I do the simple. We both love quality though. Love it. Love her.

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