Sold – Xterrain dmax

Exactly the above picture, a plain white Dmax Xterrain on order from Isuzu Werribee, expected delivery August – September due to the backlog from all Covid issues created around the world, affecting workforce through to supply chains.

Wife and I took the Xterrain for a test drive on the weekend, and the YouTube reviews do the vehicle justice, so we purchased at the Isuzu introductory offer which is 12% below RRP. That’s usually around the best normally achieved with vehicles in heavy negotiation, and only the Xterrain has such an offer on it by Isuzu, so we took it. That offer was confirmed to us as ending soon by Isuzu.

Isuzu Xterrain Interior

Really happy with the research, drive and vehicle overall. I keep refining the build, and things will change more no doubt as the build progresses once in possession. I plan to begin modifications after Christmas 2021, as I want to get to 4×4 shows and see gear hands on and such first.

At present, my logic is along the lines that the power / performance and 4×4 stages will be done together, first, before worrying about the tub build. We’ll start out doing day trips, overnight trips staying at accommodation around Victoria, then progress to camping and longer ventures as we have more time to do such things.

It’s all a long-term strategy in the making, eventually combined with a Patriot X3 when we venture out of state on week / fortnightly trips.

Stay tuned! Probably nothing more at this stage until we receive the car.

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  1. Isuzu Werribee called the other day to confirm the order has gone through to Isuzu and is now in build processing. Yay! Expected delivery is still August / September 21 at this stage. If things change, they will let me know. Apparently the orders for the LS-U and XTerrain surpassed Isuzu’s expectations.

  2. Oh, the vehicle arrived this week. Unfortunately due to covid lockdown and then some surgery for my wife next week, it will likely be a week before I can pick it up.


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